Created for everyone who believes in a good cause.

It's simple and free to put your computer time to good use!

Green Heart

Transforming computer power into powerful fundraising forces on behalf of good causes. Raise funds for charities, nonprofit organizations, schools, clubs, churches, corporations, content creators, streamers or anyone with supporters, followers, family and friends.

Featured Causes

Passive Income Results

The average user generates between $10 - $30 annually. The more users that run the app on behalf of a specific cause, the more passive income is generated for that cause.


1 user

$10-$30 Annually


100 users

$1,000 - $3,000 Annually


1,000 users

$10,000 - $30,000 Annually

10,000 users=

an extra $100k - $300k

of passive income just for running our app

How It Works


Download the App

Supporters download and install the app on their laptop or desktop computer.


Decide on Cause(s) to Support

Supporters have the option to support up to two causes and choose from any featured cause or input a specific code to endorse any cause listed on the platform. That's it! Now their computer does all the work.


Run the App

The Microsoft-trusted app runs silently and non-intrusively in the background of a supporter's PC, securely verifying decentralized transactions on the blockchain every minute it is powered on.


Generate Rewards

The app earns a minimal reward for verifying transactions (similar to VISA in a centralized system). The more supporters running the app with the same code, the more passive income is generated for that cause, which gets distributed monthly.

Get Started Today! It's Easy!

Step 1

Request to register your cause.

Step 2

We review your request, then send a welcome email with instructions to choose a unique code for your cause (e.g. StJude).

Step 3

Our team assigns your code and adds your cause to the myGivmo platform.

Step 4

We work with you to develop personalized campaigns aimed at motivating supporters to actively run the app in support of your cause.

Step 5

You receive a monthly check based on the number of users running the app with your code!

Cause of theMonth

The Price of Freedom Foundation

Cause of the month

The Price of Freedom Foundation is a veteran-owned nonprofit that tells the complete life stories of those who paid the ultimate price of our freedom.

Working with the friends and the families of the Fallen, Price of Freedom Foundation employs professional writers to produce a full biography honoring the life and sacrifice made by each military service person.

They produce books in print and digital formats, as well as video documentaries, that are given to the next of kin at no cost to them and sold at retail to extended family, friends and interested members of the public.

myGivmo code


Want to be considered for Cause of the Month?

It’s easy and profitable.

Here’s what our Cause of the Month receives:

  • All myGivmo internal servers will run your organization's code continuously for the month and we'll send you a check for your earnings.
  • Spotlighted as Cause of the Month on
  • Custom branded marketing video and promotion on our social media channels.
  • Custom email campaign designed and targeted for your supporters.
  • Shoutout in our monthly newsletter.
  • Ongoing support and marketing assistance to educate and encourage your supporters to run the app on your behalf, thereby boosting your passive income.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to donate to the cause of your choice, automatically, in the background, every minute you spend using your computer.

It's simple and free to put your computer time to good use!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Using a patent pending workflow, the Microsoft-trusted myGivmo application uses the power of distributed computing to generate passive income for a variety of beneficiaries, including charities, schools, organizations, clubs, churches, individuals, content creators, and more. It’s as easy as downloading the app, entering the unique code for your chosen cause or individual, and letting myGivmo do its thing. Every minute a machine is on and running your code, the myGivmo app is hard at work in the background, verifying blockchain transactions and earning rewards. Those rewards add up and get passed on to the chosen cause or individual. Think of it as virtual can collecting or a virtual piggy bank that keeps giving back. The best part? It's all passive income that is raised, so there is no added financial burden on your supporters or followers. They never need to open their wallet or provide a credit card.

What Does It Cost?

Registering is completely free of charge and there is never any cost to your supporters to run myGivmo on behalf of your cause. And, because the app runs in the background when their computer is already in use, it will not impact their electricity bill. The application uses a negligible amount of additional power without any noticeable impact on annual expenses, allowing people to contribute to charitable causes without ever opening their wallet.

Will it impact my computer’s performance?

No more than any other application and, in most cases, less. We’ve purposely programmed myGivmo to be unintrusive. It does not run as a priority application and, thus, will scale back its computing power when other applications require more.

I use anti-virus; can I still use the app? Is it safe?

Absolutely! Rest assured, myGivmo is a Microsoft-certified trusted software publisher, ensuring that our application is completely safe and compatible with Windows Defender and all prominent anti-virus solutions such as Norton, McAfee, Avast, Bitdefender, Webroot, and AVG. Should you encounter any difficulties during installation or usage of the app, don't hesitate to contact us. We're committed to providing assistance and will get back to you within 24 hours to resolve any issues.

Does myGivmo collect my browsing data?

NO! The myGivmo application does not collect any data from your browser or computer! It is designed with your privacy in mind and is completely anonymous, ensuring that it will not access or store any data from your browser or computer.

I want to raise money for a different charity; can I?

We think it's great you want to give! You can choose up to two causes from the hundreds listed on the myGivmo platform to support and, if you're interested in raising money for a cause not listed, simply contact us to recommend one to be added! Your input is greatly appreciated!

How do I register an organization or an individual?

To sign up as an individual or to register your organization for our passive fundraising program, simply select the Register option at the top of this page. You’ll need to provide your name, email, and specify the cause you’re supporting. Once submitted, our dedicated team at myGivmo will swiftly reach out to finalize the details. Rest assured, we handle all the setup logistics so you can focus on your cause. We’ll reach out to your supporters directly via email to introduce them to myGivmo and guide them through a straightforward setup process. Beyond that, we’re committed to amplifying your cause through our marketing efforts, including promoting it across our social media platforms to inform and inspire individuals to advocate for your cause by running the app on your behalf.